Taking the time to breathe consciously, as simple as that is, provides significant improvements to body and spirit.

My Wim Hof Journey

For the past few years, I have been doing the Wim Hof Method and thoroughly enjoying that practice. It helps me calm down, improves my sleep, and can provide a wonderful euphoric state. With just fifteen minutes, you can feel energized, and connect with your body in a new (ancient?) way.

To start, I merely incorporated his breathing techniques, but after some time, cold therapy was rejuvenating and absolutely worthwhile. That being said, I mainly focus on my breath, and the cold isn’t for everyone.

My friend Dina likes to remind me, the word for breath and spirit are the same in many languages. This has resonated in my head for a long time. Especially as I did longer journeys with her facilitation. A bit more on this later.

The Move To Hawaii

Before I found the Big Island. I did Wim Hof regularly, but rarely found other people focusing on their breath. This changed when I got to Hawaii.

As I met people, they actually talked about breathwork… I started to look around.

Igor Siberia, someone I had just met, was doing a three hour breathwork session called “Awaken Your Breath” at Dragonfly Ranch. I was ready, and could not be more excited.

Awaken Your Breath

The session did not disappoint. I was able to reach new states of consciousness and experience enhanced perception over my body’s internal systems.

Although I really enjoyed the session, there were some side effects, including the worst case of Tetany I had ever experienced. I couldn’t move my hands for about 20 minutes!

I developed a new appreciation for Tetany. It is just another way of the body showing you what needs attention. Seems my wrists need a lot of work as well. One step at a time.

Friends Invitation

A few months passed after my session with Igor, and my friend Dina mentioned she was leading Wim Hof sessions once a week near my place!

I decided to give it a shot. Generally, I don’t do classes, but this was being run by a friend, and I had to at least check it out.

There was a small group of 10 or so. We spent some time stretching, saying hello, and focusing on our breath. Then we spent about 20 minutes doing 4 rounds of Wim Hof. I felt fantastic. My mind felt focused, clear, and ready to take on the day.

The group keeps growing every week. I fear they will need to find a bigger space. 😉

More Breath

This led to me signing up for a breathwork facilitator’s training. I might never lead a session, but I wanted to learn more. I spent over 30 hours studying different breathing techniques, and working with an incredibly talented set of people.

While I had done many of these forms before, doing them with a larger group allowed me to extend my practice. Plus, it introduced me to my next exploration, holotropic breathing.

There is magic in sound, and in breath. Holotropic breathing combines the two, and puts you into a heightened state. I don’t want to go into specifics, I just recommend everyone try it sometime.

If you are looking for some musical inspiration, check out my last.fm. You will want to prepare a two hour playlist to fully experience the effects.


Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts. Take some time out of your busy schedule to breathe consciously.

I will leave you with my favorite guided Wim Hof exercise.