Today, my friend Jeremiah brought up infinite zoom effects and started doing some research on how to create them.

After a bit of time, he sent me over detailed documentation on creating infinite zoom effects, and asked me to translate the technical pieces. This is how the rabbit hole began.

I just had to try it, so this blog will detail my own journey creating an infinite zoom using Midjourney!


First, I needed to start creating prompts. In total I created 21 unique images. Here are the prompts I used:

  • Two dragons at the top of mount olympus –s 720 –ar 16:9 –v 5
  • Two dragons at the top of mount olympus –s 720 –ar 16:9 –v 5 –zoom 2
  • A look through an opening into a mystical land –s 720 –v 5 –ar 16:9 –zoom 2
  • A mythical land seen through a rectangular mirror with an ornate frame –s 720 –v 5 –ar 16:9 –zoom 2
  • An ornate room hidden inside of a pyramid –s 720 –v 5 –ar 16:9 –zoom 2 (x2)
  • The Cosmos creating a vision into a pyramid –s 720 –v 5 –ar 16:9 –zoom 2 (x2)
  • Eye shaped portal to another dimension –s 720 –v 5 –ar 16:9 –zoom 2
  • Mayan Temple –s 720 –v 5 –ar 16:9 –zoom 2 (x3)
  • Amazon rain forest –s 720 –v 5 –ar 16:9 –zoom 2 (x3)
  • Disolves into darkness –s 720 –v 5 –ar 16:9 –zoom 2 (x2)
  • Papyrus map –s 720 –v 5 –ar 16:9 –zoom 2 (x2)
  • Desk with papyrus map on it –s 720 –v 5 –ar 16:9 –zoom 2
  • Adventurers and archaeologists office space with bright lights and a desk –s 720 –v 5 –ar 16:9 –zoom 2

The images produced were not exactly what I wanted, but since this was a test run, I used what was generated.

Video Generation

AI-Infinite-Zoom-Generator was used to generate the video and stitch all the images together. The install was painless on my Arch Linux box. It just needed a couple dependencies (python-opencv and python-rawpy) and then it was ready to go.

I put all the generated images in the story directory, then ran:

python ./ -as -i ./story -o story.mp4 

This created story.mp4 which you can see below!

Post Production

Before finishing up, Thomas of Sacred Mirror Media, suggested upscaling the content with Topaz Video AI. This took about 20 minutes, and then produced the following 4K version.

Final Thoughts

Generating these videos is actually quite easy, and a lot of fun. Midjourney doesn’t always generate exactly what you want, but with enough patience you can get amazing results.

Now go and create some epic infinite zoom videos!